What is the best option for facial hair removal at home?

What is the best option for facial hair removal at home

For many women unwanted facial hair is a sensitive issue and in social situations can even lead to anxiety. The desire to remove unwanted hair is nothing new; it was practised by women in ancient Egyptian times. As a result, a wide variety of solutions for getting rid of unwanted hair have been developed over time. Today, women have the choice of getting professional hair removal treatment at a beauty clinic or trying their hand at facial hair removal at home.

The growing trend for hair removal at home

Home solutions are becoming more and more popular as they tend to cost less and are more convenient than beauty clinic treatments, which often need several sessions. In any case, many of the common hair removal treatments that beauticians provide have been adapted for home use. The exceptions to this are dermaplaning, in which a scalpel-sharp instrument is used to scrape away ‘peach fuzz’ hair and dead skin cells from the face, and some laser hair removal treatments. As these treatments can be risky they are best left in the hands of trained professionals.

Different solutions for facial hair removal at home

For centuries, shaving has been used as a method for removing unwanted bodily and facial hair. In early times, stones such as flint were sharpened to create a fine edge that removed hair when scraped against the skin. Since then, the design and production of razors have come a long way, and manufacturers offer shaving products aimed at both sexes. There’s no doubt that shaving is a very effective for facial hair removal at home, but there are drawbacks. Even though modern manual razors may have skin protection features such as lubricated strips, it’s still possible to cut yourself shaving. For some women a close shave, whether with a manual or an electric shaver, can result in skin irritation and redness or ingrowing hairs.

Tweezers and hair removal creams

Using a pair of tweezers to pluck out unwanted facial hairs is another technique that has been used by women for centuries. Although tweezers are useful for removing individual hairs the process of plucking can be uncomfortable if not painful and is time consuming if more than a few hairs need to be removed at a time.

One of the simplest solutions is the application of a suitable facial hair removal cream. These work by actually dissolving unwanted hair, although the root remains unaffected so hair will grow back. Caution is advised when considering the use of hair removal creams. For some women, even creams that have been designed just for removing facial hair can cause stinging, irritation, redness or an allergic reaction. Creams can also be messy to apply and clean up after and often have a strong chemical odour.

What about waxing?

For a long time, waxing has been an extremely popular option for getting rid of unwanted body hair because it works so well. Thanks to the invention of mess-free wax strips that are self-applied, the use of waxing for facial hair removal at home has become a bit easier, cheaper and less messy than it was. While home waxing is quick and effective it can be painful and leave tell-tale skin bumps, redness and soreness. Other downsides to waxing are the costs of buying wax or wax strips, the need to ensure that you don’t run out of supplies just when you need them and the fact that waxing isn’t always the most convenient hair removal solution.

High-tech hair removal at home

A recent arrival to the home facial hair removal market is the ‘intense pulsed light’ (IPL) machine. Costing between £200 and £400 depending on the model, IPL machines damage hair follicles over time using pulses of light that eventually stunt hair growth. In addition to the high upfront cost of IPL machines it’s worth noting that the results are better with some skin types and hair colours than others, so this may not be a suitable solution for every woman.
All of the options for facial hair removal at home that we’ve look at so far have their own plus and minus points. There is one more solution, however, that works brilliantly, is super-portable, is easy to use anywhere and at any time and comes with a low price tag: the Epiwand.

About the Epiwand

Like the IPL machine mentioned above, the Epiwand is a fairly new innovation to hit the market for facial hair removal at home. That said, these two products couldn’t be more different. Completely portable, the Epiwand is small and light enough to be carried around in a bag or pocket. It doesn’t need electricity or batteries and is always ready for use wherever you are. The Epiwand is really easy to use and works in a similar way to tweezing. Unlike a pair of tweezers, though, the Epiwand can get rid of whole areas of unwanted facial hair in a single go. And unlike hair removal creams that only get rid of the bit of the hair that appears above the surface of the skin, the Epiwand extracts all of the hair including the root. As for convenience, the Epiwand is much more practical, safe and time saving than shaving or waxing. A single, low cost Epiwand can be used time and time again without further expense, giving you great facial hair removal results that last for up to six weeks.

The best option for facial hair removal at home: conclusion

Right now, women have a wide choice of facial hair removal solutions, but until recently there hasn’t been a product that is suitable for all women. The Epiwand fills that gap. Effective, safe for use with all skin types and capable of removing any facial hair including fine ‘peach fuzz’, the Epiwand ticks every box. Of course, it’s easy for manufacturers to make claims about how good their product is, but the true test is how real-world customers react to it. The Epiwand is one of the highest selling beauty products on Amazon, frequently getting four and five star product reviews. For all of these reasons it is easy to put forward the Epiwand as the best option for facial hair removal at home.